Virus and Flu Prevention at Fajitas A Go Go

At Fajitas A Go Go, we are passionately dedicated to providing a quality dining experience for guests.

This includes being mindful of the current news and threats that pertain to public health and having a plan in place to ensure our guests and employees stay as safe as possible.

Rest assured, our company has existing policies in place to ensure proper cleanliness and sanitation of all our surfaces, utensils, and equipment. These policies are regularly reviewed by management to ensure the safety of guests remains a top priority.

New Health Procedures

Fajitas A Go Go is implementing new procedures in response to recent public health threats. These procedures are meant to strengthen the policies and procedures already and in place and provide an even safer eating environment for our patrons. We have done a thorough review of our existing procedures and are implementing additional actions in specific areas to help our guests feel as safe as possible while also mitigating and eliminating the spread of viruses, bacteria, and allergens.

In addition to our daily attention to cleanliness and sanitation throughout our restaurants, all restaurants will be subject to constant sanitation of all surfaces, door handles, and eating areas. This includes high traffic areas, counters, tables, bathrooms, utensils, drink machines, stoves, and cooking equipment. Floors will be thoroughly swept, mopped, and sanitized. Daily reports will be submitted by each of our restaurants and weekly and surprise walk-throughs will be completed by management on an on-going basis.

With specific regard to the flu and other recent viral concerns, we are providing hand sanitizing stations for all of our patrons and not just our employees. Hand sanitizers will be available at all our checkout counters for use by our patrons. We are ensuring all soap and sanitizer dispensers stay filled and are increasing the number of daily checks to ensure our bathrooms stay as clean as possible.

In regards to our staff, we will be providing services free of charge to ensure they come to work healthy and can avoid illness. This includes, but not limited to, complimentary flu shots, daily temperature checks before their shift begin, and information on how to maintain overall health. Our staff is encouraged to talk to management about any health concerns before showing up for work.

Additionally, we are educating and encouraging our entire staff, and also would like to encourage our patrons as well, to follow the precautionary measures recommended by the Centers for Disease Control.

At Fajitas A Go Go, we will continue to keep public health safety as our number one priority so our guests can relax and enjoy the delicious food and great service we have to offer.