Charity Never Tasted So Good

Charity auctions often end with guests winning tool boxes and signed baseballs, but for one family, the West University Elementary Charity auction ended differently. After bidding on a prize package that included dinner for 10, provided by Houston restaurant Fajitas A Go Go, they were prepared for a simple dinner, maybe some fajitas from the restaurant, and a movie on the couch. Little did they know that Chef Mallory gives his all when it comes to catered dinners, and giving back to West U Elementary.

Chef Mal visited their house April 21, and began the setup process for his custom menu meal. The deal was simple for the winning family; if you had a craving, or if you just wanted Mallory to surprise them, their wish was Mallory’s command. All prepared fresh in the donor’s kitchen, Chef Mal whipped up an impressive four course meal (with wine pairings!) and served up to them at the table of their choosing.

Appetizer: Lobster Canape
Entree: Campechano and Prime Rib
Side: Potatoes Au Gratin and Broccolini
Dessert: Mixed berries with Sabayon
Paired with: White Burgundy wine and Red Rioja

After filling the house with plenty of appetizing aromas, the winners were ready to serve Chef Mal’s specially prepared dinner. Surrounded by friends and the smell of prime rib cooking in the other room, they enjoyed a carefree night and knew they helped someone along the way. Not to mention they got to witness the entire process with wine and good friends to boot. With the delicious food, paired wine, and raucous laughter, it was a great night all around. 

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Fathers & Flashlights

The end of summer in Houston isn’t officially marked the way it might be in other parts of the country. With warm weather often stretching from the end of March all the way to Halloween, we’re constantly asked about how Fajitas A Go Go can cater events outside of ballrooms and boardrooms.

In October, Fathers & Flashlights, an annual camp out by the Friends of West University Place Parks, was holding its tenth annual event. Hundreds of fathers and sons (and of course flashlights) would be spending the evening under the big and bright stars, but in true tradition of a cookout they wanted something akin to a “guy meal,” a little messy and a lot delicious. So when Fathers & Flashlights reached out to us, we had to get thinking.

Of course, this wasn’t one meal we could prepare at our restaurant, bring over, and serve (as is so often the case with our catering, and catering in general.) The following factors were in play

  • Nearly 800 fathers and sons to feed (no final count on flashlights)
  • Prepared to prepare dinner on site
  • Not one, but TWO meals provided (lunch and dinner)
  • They wanted meals involving pork

Fun fact, in October 2016 we didn’t have pork on our menu yet. In our quest to create the world’s most perfect fajitas, we had focused on chicken, steak and veggies. Fathers & Flashlights gave us the opportunity to start playing with pork recipes, and figuring out if we could do the same for our menu. So we started to brainstorm what we could make especially for this event, two items that we hadn’t made in the past.

Lunch: Wild Boar Sausage Corndogs. We went way outside of our pork comfort zone on this one, and decided to work with some boar to make tasty sausages we could hand dip and prepare for an easy outdoor meal. Spiced up with cilantro and poblanos, it’s a delicious sausage that we make (and hand dip in corndog batter) in-house.

Dinner: Pulled Pork tacos with Rice and Beans. We started preparing our pork with a dry rub and smoked it on our first run. We put it on the rotisserie here, and then pulled it apart like a BBQ sandwich. Once we started to sell it in our restaurant, we added in a Salvadorian style slaw, a rich sauerkraut like topping with Umami flavors.

Nearly 800 fathers and sons couldn’t be wrong, and after grilling the pork on an open flame for enough time to start wetting everyone’s taste buds, we handed out corn dogs and then served dinner. We’re thankful for Fathers & Flashlights for inviting Fajitas A Go Go to be part of their special event, and we hope we get to come back this year to try out some other recipes we’ve been working on.