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WE THINK THERE's A better way to eat fajitas




5404 Kirby Dr.

Houston, TX 77005


OPEN 11am - 9pm Sunday - Thursday

11am - 10pm Friday & Saturday


there's more to fajitas than over-marinated skirt steak and chicken breast.


WE CATER to you

Let us grill for you! We bring the beef...and veggies...and pork...and will even cook up the fish you caught or the deer you hunted! If it fits on our wood grills we will fire it up!

* pig roast

* off-the-menu seasonal vegetables

* Mexican bar-b-que

* fish fry

* crawfish/shrimp boils (seasonal)

* Oyster roast

We're different.  HERE's HOW:

  • We use a better cut of beef, a sirloin cut, without the typical soy-based marinade that good beef just doesn't need
  • Natural chickens, cooked whole so they taste like chickens and not big agriculture’s idea of boneless, skinless (BS) chicken
  • Our own recipe of wild boar sausage, cooked on our high heat grill over mesquite logs
  • We know you dig organic greens for you and your family, so we've got you covered there
  • We replace boring ol' green peppers and onions with fresh, seasonal vegetables such as oyster mushrooms, asparagus, spaghetti squash, zucchini and scallions
  • We use recyclable, reusable, and/or compostable packaging, so you can feel good about loving our food